HI :3 I just wanted to say that I have almost no time anymore so that’s why I’m inactive on here. I’ll be back on school breaks but as of now, I can’t be.  If you need me; miss-tentacles.tumblr.com :-*

Rule 1 of tag club: Post the rules

Rule 2 of tag club: Answer the questions the tagger asked you then make 11 new ones (also tag the tagger)

Rule 3 of tag club: Tag 11 people and link them to your post

Rule 4 of tag club: Let them know you’ve tagged them

Rule 5 of tag club: You don’t talk about tag club. (That isn’t actually one of the rules but I want it to be, please.)

1. what games do you play, video or otherwise?
Video games, I love AC, Pokemon, Touch Detective, Hotel Dusk, Kingdom Hearts, Cooking Mama, and Costume Quest.

Also I’m a big fan of the board game Settlers of Catan and if you don’t play it you shouldddd.

2. what are you passionate about?
Singing, music in general. Knowledge. Equality.

3. do you play any instruments? if so, what? if not, do you want to learn any (and what are they?)
Does my voice count? Haha. I reeeeally want to learn to play piano but I’m not terribly coordinated ><

4. do you know any languages other than your native? if so, what? if not, do you want to learn any (and what are they?)
I’m fluent in American Sign Language and conversational in Spanish. I’d love to learn more languages, especially Italian.

5. if you could change your name, what would you change it to?
Ooh I don’t know. I like my name :3 Emily has a lot of nickname options.  I love the name Arielle though.

6. if you won an all-expense paid vacation to anywhere, where would you choose to go?
Disney World and Universal.  Cause I love going there but it’s sooooo expensive. D:

7. what is your favorite pastime that doesn’t include a digital screen?
I like this question :3 definitely singing. I also love reading and playing around with makeup.

8. where would you most like to live?
I actually like NJ. It’s close to lots of stuff haha

9. what physical feature do you like most about yourself?
Errr… I have really straight teeth

10. what superpower would you most want?

11. what was the last book you read? would you recommend it?
Unwind by Neal Shusterman.  Yes I would, it’s a remarkable sci-fi/dystopian novel.  It’s the first of 3. (I need the other two….)

1. If you could have ANY animal for a pet safely, what would it be and why?

2 What is your favorite kind of flower?

3. Three  tangible things that are very important to you:

4. Does your “sign” (ie Virgo, Sagittarius) match with your personailty?

5. What is/was your favorite school subject?

6. How many blankets do you like to sleep with?

7. Describe your dream dinner.

8. If you could be superior at something, what would it be?

9. What do you think of lemons?

10. Your top five songs.

11. How many pairs of socks do you have?


I haven’t played ACNL in like a week. please please please let no one have moved